So what now?

Until now, we have slowly managed to calm down a bit from our first place in the UAE Nationals, and we have already begun with all the hard work that’s still coming up to us on our way to the world finals. We have already discussed initial changes and improvements to our car, and we are already extremely excited about it. At the moment, we are preparing for further talks with our sponsors in order for us to work even harder as we have before, which, for example, includes the transformation of our working methods and devices.

It was fun reading all the great news in the newspapers, and though we would like to give a quick statement to an issue we have just noticed:
It has been mentioned quite throughout all newspapers, and even on this website, that one of our sponsors is Al Futtaim. This is wrong. We actually meant Al Fahim, and therefore want to express this right here, since we are very thankful for all their hard work.

As always, questions and comments are welcome, and we will post further updates on what’s going on right here and on Facebook.

Your Safire Racing Team.

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System Administrator for Safire Racing.

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