The SR05



Simplicity and reliability – Our car for the UAE Nationals 2014.


The SR05, as the name already hints, is the fifth car Safire Racing has produced. We are so proud to have come this far and to be able to take part in our third F1 in Schools season now. For our UAE Nationals 2014 car, we took it as our goal to perfect the car and to make it more reliable, not only regarding speed, but also the stability of its parts. Therefore, we are not introducing any big new innovation, even though this car certainly does have its little or bigger secrets. Overall, it means better design, better quality, better aerodynamics, and better speed.

In the production of the SR05, we have clearly profited from our collaboration with our sponsor DNA Filters from Greece, and want to send out a big thank you. The cars were partially produced in Greece and became their finishing touches at home, in Dubai. It is therefore -once again- a car with an international background. And the best part about it – it looks just as good in real, as in the render.


SR05 Render Vs Real


Now we need to prove the reliability of this car in the upcoming UAE Nationals 2014. The SR05 is definitely a big step forward, even though it is almost fully based on the SR04. If you want to learn more about all the details on the bearings, etc., hit up the SR04 page. We want to use this car to be able to produce the next generation of Safire Racing cars – for the World Finals 2014.