Soul of Safire

Soul of Safire

Team branding and marketing can be done in several different ways, right? At least we agree to that, but we decided to go for something different – or rather extraordinary.

We are extremely proud to present our very own song, Soul of Safire. The melodic way for us to present our team spirit and energy that we put into the project. We our extremely proud of the result and are eager to show it to the whole world.

Please find the text below the video to sing along!



dreaming on the beach and gazing in the safire sea
nothing on my mind and the safire sky over me
a tingling in my neck, shiver down my back
a harmony of sound takes its way to reach my brain
ten cylinders causing ripples in my mind
and my head is filled by safire sound

turning round my head and blinking in the safire light
perfect curves are moving, I’m blinded by the safire sight
a pleasure to my eye, cannot tell you why
that poetry of speed takes its way to reach my heart
light reflection causing mischief in my guts
and this sight has touched my safire soul

listen to the beauty of motion
freedom is a feeling of blue
driving is a flaming emotion
setting fire to your soul … fire
… safire

I feel like I can fly right into the sky
a symphony of joy takes my heart and kills my brain
motion causing pain, insane is what I gain
and I’m burning with the safire flame


(scream out loud: oooohh, yeah!)