The 2013-Team

Safire Racing Team 2013

Safire Racing Team 2013


The Safire Racing team for the 2013 season of F1 in Schools.

Safire Racing is going into the second round. After the first team had an absolute success in the UAE Nationals by becoming first place, and therefore taking part in the World Championships in November 2012 in Abu Dhabi, representing the UAE, and winning the prize of the best verbal presentation (world wide), it didn’t take long until a new team from the German International School in Dubai had formed. The new team took part in the UAE Nationals 2013 in May, and represented the UAE and Greece as the “Safire Blue Bullets Racing” collaboration team in the World Finals in Austin, Texas. Without doubt, they’re as crazy as the previous team when it comes to ideas. Time to introduce them …


Jordan McKenzieJordan McKenzie – Born in October, 1995, in MontrĂ©al, Canada – Team Manager

Jordan is the new Team Manager and the nerve center of Safire Racing. She manages all development and processes. Her close collaboration with each member of the team is necessary to ensure success in every aspect of the F1 in Schools project.




Maximilian StuckeMaximilian Stucke – Born in January, 1997, in Wolfsburg, Germany – Technical Designer

Max is the creative mind of the team. Based on the cars of the previous team, the SR01 and the SR02, he will design a new, and even better car for the UAE National Competitions in May 2013. Several new innovations will be placed in this car, which will make Safire Racing stand out for once again, by revolutionizing F1 in Schools.




Jounes GrossJounes Gross – Born in July, 1995, in Bremen, Germany – Manufacturing Engineer

Jounes is responsible for the manufacturing process of the car and all additional components. He works closely with Max to ensure the prober manufacturing processes. He keeps in touch with the manufacturing companies and coordinates the manufacturing milestones with his team members. Safire Racing isn’t only a participant in F1 in Schools , it is also a “company” for the manufacturing of parts for this competition.



Dalia AbdelrahmanDalia Abdelrahman – Born in December, 1996, in Cairo, Egypt – Lead Designer

Dalia is the veteran member of the team. Taking her experience from being the Graphics Designer of last year’s team, she will continue as the Lead Designer in this year’s. She is in charge of all design aspects of the car, the pit display, presentations, portfolios, and our website.




Julian BeyerleinJulian Beyerlein – Born in January 1997, in Manila, Philippines – Resource Manager

Financial management is one of the most important aspects of the F1 in Schools competition. Teams are not allowed to spend private money, so instead they must find sponsors. This task, as well as creating presentations for and communicating with our sponsors, falls to Julian. He helps keep an overview and ensures a nearly perfect use of resources.




All members of the 2012 Safire Racing team act as supporting members in their respective role. Additionally, Chris, previously Head of IT and Communication, will continue to take care of the website administration and contents, as well as digital media production.

We believe Safire Racing can continue as a successful project, and even as a brand for a life experience in F1 in Schools. The new team is ready!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us individually with our mail adresses: firstname[dot]lastname[at]safireracing[dot]com

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