Dubai Youth Science Challenge 2013

Safire Racing is proud to host the third Dubai Youth Science Challenge at the German International School Dubai on March 23, 2013!

What does Safire Racing have to do with the Dubai Youth Science Challenge? The answer is simple: To raise the awareness, and the importance of introducing young students to the fields of science and engineering. As Safire Racing is a student team that has become way more than an average F1 in Schools team, we took this opportunity to be involved with and support the Dubai Youth Science Challenge.


DYSC 2013 Flyer

Official DYSC 2013 Flyer

The Dubai Youth Science Challenge was founded in 2010 by science teacher, Dr. Milan Dlabal of the German International School Dubai. His vision was to develop and nourish an interest in science and technology in the UAE. This annual competition is a platform for students from the Gulf region to showcase their scientific and technological ingenuity.

The five challenges to chose from and compete in 2013 are: Mouse Contraption, Mars Rover “Curiosity”, Mechanical Amphicar, Kaleidoscope, or Mouse Trap Powered Car.

This year the competition for the title of the Best Science School will be hosted by Safire Racing at the German International School Dubai on March 23, 2013. Registration runs via email to:

For more information about the Dubai Youth Science Challenge, please see the the official DYSC Facebook page, Safire Racing’s Facebook page, and our PDF-Flyer.

See you there!

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