Early 2014 News Update

Happy new year from the entire Safire Racing team! We hope everybody has had a great start into 2014 and that all your wishes may come true.

2014 will be a very exciting year for Safire Racing, as we are definitely not done yet with our F1 in Schools career. We would therefore like to give you a detailed update on our plans for this year.


Participation in the 2014 F1 in Schools season

First thing’s first: Safire Racing will be taking part in the 2014 F1 in Schools season, and will compete in the upcoming UAE Nationals. Should we succeed, we will take part in the World Finals, to be held in Ferarri World Abu Dhabi again. It would be an honor for Safire Racing to represent the UAE in the UAE for the second time in total, and participating at the F1 in Schools World Finals for the third time in a row. We therefore need your support! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, check back to our website for all the good stuff, and share our news, pictures, and videos with your friends.


Introducing the new 2014 Safire Racing Team

For the next F1 in Schools season, we have compiled a slightly new team line-up with Julian Beyerlein as the new team manager and introducing Nada Tameem as the new Lead Designer.

The team now consists of:

  • Julian Beyerlein, Team Manager and Resources
  • Maximilian Stucke, Technical Designer
  • Jounes Gross, Manufacturing Engineer
  • Nada Tameem, Lead Designer
  • Dalia Abdelrahman, PR & Marketing Manager

Check out all the details on the new team right here.


A brand new car: the SR05

A new F1 in Schools competition means a new car from Safire Racing. We have already started developing the SR05, the car for the UAE Nationals 2014. We have previously continued to fill our cars with innovation and mechanics, that have never been seen before in F1 in Schools cars and this is clearly what makes Safire Racing. We are aware though, that our cars have not yet been proven in speed-records and reliability. Thus it is our goal for the SR05 to introduce new innovations, but also strongly focus on reliability resulting in an even faster runtime and finally break records.

All the details to the SR05 can be found right here.


Sponsorship and Collaboration

Safire Racing is keen to continue working intensely with our sponsors, and we hope to keep the collaboration with all of them. In the coming weeks, we will have talks with our previous sponsors to ensure further support. Additionally, we are very proud to announce that we will continue to work with DNA Filters from Greece! This is a great step forward in making Safire Racing even more international, as it has been already.


Finishing off, we want to say thank you to everybody, who has supported us in the past years and months. Every one of the last two F1 in Schools seasons has been extremely special and unique. We can’t express how much Safire Racing has changed the lives of every single team member that has ever been involved in this project. 2014 will be yet another amazing year, and we can’t wait to find out where it will take us.

About Author: Chris
System Administrator for Safire Racing.

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