2015 New Year Announcements

First off, we want to wish you a very happy new year 2015! Have a great start, and let all your hopes and wishes come true.

2014 was an amazing year with our third World Finals of F1 in Schools. We want to thank all our sponsors, friends and families for their support. You guys know who you are and you rock! Thank you!

Safire Racing will continue in 2016 with a brand new team to participate in the UAE Nationals. A lot of change will happen till then: the German International School Dubai will move to a new building, loads of new students will enter the school, and we want to take some time to evaluate everything that has happened till now.

With a new year, we also have new ideas, and we want to follow a completely new concept: we will franchise our brand, Safire Racing. We think that we’ve always been one step further with ideas, and use innovation to revolutionize the competition. Now, we want to implement our knowledge, experience, and expertise in F1 in Schools Germany.

F1 in Schools Germany is one of the most interesting markets. It offers a high class, well known, and established competition. Therefore, we chose Frankfurt Darmstadt, as our new base under the patronage of Dr. Milan Dlabal.
The University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Opel as one of the main German automobile companies, European Space Operation Center (ESOC), Deutsche Telekom – just to name a few local companies that offer tradition, innovation, and collaboration – and this fits perfectly to Safire Racing.

This is a completely new challenge and are extremely excited to face it. Safire Racing in the UAE and Safire Racing in Germany: starting 2016.


As promised, we also want to finally show you our Design Portfolio of the F1 in Schools World Finals 2014. Download it here: Safire Racing World Finals 2014 Design Portfolio


Happy New Year!

About Author: Chris
System Administrator for Safire Racing.

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