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The beauty of the UAE Nationals 2013. Time to introduce it

This is the SR03, our newest beauty, the new team competed with in the F1 in Schools UAE National Finals 2013. The story is pretty straightforward: once again this car has new crazy innovations and we just made everything even better!


The Main Innovation – Magnetically Levitated Sapphire BearingsSapphires

Safire Racing has always used sapphires as bearings in all of the cars until now, and we shouldn’t forget that the use of sapphires actually makes Safire Racing. For the SR03, we invented something completely new: a magnetic levitation. This means that the wheels actually do not use the sapphires, but rather use complicated and amazing physics to produce a frictionless spin.

We even competed in the Think Science Fare 2013 with this innovation to show it to the world of science, and won second overall place!


Aerogel WheelsAerogel Wheels

With the SR02, we introduced wheels made out of aerogel, that were manufactured by ourselves. Aerogel is an extremely light and very strong material that is just perfect for wheels for a F1 in Schools car. Additionally, we developed a special nanocoating, which gives the wheels their final touch to run well on the track.



Tether Line Guidestether line

We have integrated the teather line guides seemlessly into car. The front tether line guide, for example, is integrated directly into the front wing, and has a tunnel-like entrance to ensure a smooth entry.





The long nosecone was always a great part of our cars. Even though the SR03 proves a drastic re-design, in comparison to the SR01 and SR02, we held on to the long nosecone. It features the air that hits the car to be split sideways, and is therefore not lead above the car, which could create unwanted downforce.



We believe that the SR03 is once again something that F1 in Schools has never seen before. The complete re-design makes it look extremely catchy and simultaneously brings new crazy inventions. The SR03 is fully “Made by Safire Racing” and is the best car we have ever produced … At least until we finish the next one.

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